Ed Granger, HIS

Hearing Aid Specialists in Omaha, NE

Ed is a graduate of Midland Lutheran College and is a Licensed Hearing Instruments Specialist in the State of Nebraska. Ed’s passion is helping people hear better and is well known for his customer service. He will always go the extra mile for the patients of Nebraska Hearing Instruments whether it is meeting evenings, weekends at Nebraska Hearing Instruments office or in customer’s home.  Ed has been recognized as one of Starkey Hearing Technologies experts proficient in all their technologies. Ed consistently keeps abreast of all the new technology and fitting techniques to better serve his patients through attending continuing education classes as well as new product releases. One such advancement Ed has been a staunch advocate of is aural rehabilitation and has been instrumental into implementing these tools into the Nebraska Hearing Instrument practice.  Ed Granger has also been recognized as one of the Best Hearing HealthCare Professionals in North America and is a member of the American Tinnitus Association. He has been trained in the most recent advances in treating Tinnitus and other hearing technologies.